Episode 195

The Green Knight

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November 28th, 2021

2 hrs 5 mins 53 secs

Season 11

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About this Episode

Remember, it's only a game. More accurately, it's a movie about a game gone very wrong. This week we talk about the Green Knight, a 2021 adaptation of the classic Arthurian legend directed by David Lowery. Specifically, we look at the movie through the lens of the themes and motifs of the Souls series, looking at the importance of our changing relationships to Arthurian myths as the basis of modern fantasy.

EDIT: Little note from Gary on the ending: I just found out in the original ending, they depict the beheading, but the director decided to leave it ambiguous so Kole and I could argue about it (that's me being cheeky; he decided it was better if it was left ambiguous). But I am relieved to see that at some point, he was going that way, just so I don't feel like the only person in the world who likes the story better with Gawain biting it at the end.

EDIT 2: A little note from Kole, who is just now seeing Gary's little note a few months later. Not cool, bro, sneaking around like this. Though there was an original intent, deciding to leave it ambiguous was also a conscious decision, and ultimately the final one. Gary is alone in the world as the only one who takes his read on the ending and I WILL NOT HEAR OTHERWISE.