Episode 197

Bloodborne Comics, Concluded

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December 26th, 2021

59 mins 2 secs

Season 11

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About this Episode

This week's Bonfireside Chat is about the remaining two Bloodborne comic volumes, "A Song of Crows" and "The Veil, Torn Asunder". Given the strong showing in the second volume, we had our hopes set pretty high. Unfortunately, these overly abstract stories are big on style but short on substance.

"A Song of Crows" gives us some backstory on Eileen the Crow, and shows us what the process of going mad is like. "The Veil, Torn Asunder" is about an outsider to Yharnam who nevertheless succumbs to his own trauma and the fell influence of the town, showing us what the process of going mad is like. The two stories are very similar.