Bonfireside Chat

An undead favourite.


Below, you will see a schedule of upcoming episodes. New episodes come out every other Sunday, with Appendix episodes coming out on the alternate weeks.

If you would like to submit a comment for a particular Appendix episode, please do so by a week before its main episode airs. We record in batches. Submit your comments on the contact page.

  • Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight (January 15)
  • Hyper Light Drifter, Part 1 (January 29)
  • Hyper Light Drifter, Part 2 (February 5)
  • Salt and Sanctuary, Part 1 (February 26)
  • Salt and Sanctuary, Part 2 (March 5)
  • Salt and Sanctuary, Part 3 (March 12)
  • Darkmaus (April 2)